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What's This

Embedded IDE is a VSCode plug-in, used to development single-chip microcomputer projects, like: 8051, stm8, stm32, other cortex-m mcus ...


Now we support:

  • Windows 10+ x64
  • Linux X64
  • macOS (Only tested in macOS 10.15 x64)


  • Q: Why use it ?


    • Better coding experience: On VSCode, we can get a much better coding experience. This helps improve efficiency and reduces coding errors.
    • Unify Development Environment: This plug-in support many kinds of compiler, project type, flasher, utility tools. You don't have to switch between multiple development environments. It's enough that work with VsCode.
    • Cross Platform: This plug-in support Windows, Linux x64 platform.
    • Better Community Ecology: There are many plugins being made for VsCode every day, and you can choose which features you want, or create new features yourself.
    • Built-in Git: With the built-in git of VSCode, we can better manage the project version.

  • Q: Is it the VSCode version of Keil MDK ?

    A: NO ! It's NOT !

  • Q: How is it different from Keil/IAR ?

    A: There's not a lot of difference. It is based on VSCode, this is the main difference.

    weak debugger feature

    Compared with Keil, IAR, this plug-in lacks debugger capabilities.
    But you can get debugger capabilities from other plug-ins, like: Cortex-Debug, STM8-Debug

  • Q: How do I migrate Keil_MDK/IAR/Eclipse projects to VSCode ?

    A: The plug-in has the project import function and supports the import of most projects.

  • Q: How many functions ?

    A: Create/Import/Export Project, Manage Project, Build Project, Program Chip

  • Q: How many chips does it support ?

    A: A lot. We support 6 kinds of compilers that can be used to compile 8051/stm8/cortex-m[0/0+/3/23/33/35p/4/7]/riscv/... mcu projects


    We support any GCC family compiler.